GlobalYell Textiles is the trading name for GlobalYell Production, a company established to weave designer cloths for the interiors market. The company started trading in 2015 under the Creative Director, Andy Ross.

Andy’s own story is very different from most who work in the textiles industry. Coming from Africa, Andy has always been interested in textiles because of the cotton industry of the country, and had been crafting with fabrics from an early age. In 2001 he moved to Shetland to teach music, but in 2005 the opportunity to acquire a weaving studio presented itself and in 2006 the weave training and education studio was started in Yell. Andy worked to create residencies and stays for graduate makers, gradually establishing a track record in the production of designer cloths through this programme

In 2007, the first woven product for sale came out of the studio, and over the next eight years Andy learned to make, market and sell the fabrics that were designed in Yell. In 2015 the opportunity to purchase a new piece of equipment, and the building from which the studio operated, arose, and Andy bought a new loom and took on the adjoining studio to house the production facility.

In 2017 the company has changed direction. Following a successful year of trading in 2016, Andy realised that there was considerable scope for the creation of special cloths and fabrics for the interiors market, and started the production of Limited Edition throws made from Shetland wool in order to satisfy the demand for designer pieces. Two annual Limited Editions now form the in-house production for GlobalYell Textiles.

2017 also marks the year in which the company has decided to start working with other companies to create unique cloths for interiors using the expanded manufacturing capacity that the new equipment offers. This interesting opportunity meant that Andy has stayed true to his belief in the handmade, and yet allowed a more commercial venture to be founded.