GlobalYell Production pictures - 8GlobalYell Textiles weaves bespoke cloths for clients who work in the interiors industry. We look for collaborations with interesting companies who want something different, unique and personalised for their projects.

The manufacture of our cloths is done on “Alvin”, our 24 shaft AVL dobby loom, pictured above. It takes time to warp because the warp threads are wound on by hand, and each heddle and the reed are threaded individually. We weave at a maximum speed of two metres per hour, and the production is very closely watched for quality control.

GlobalYell Textiles has a sample library of cloths from which clients can choose. These range from curtaining weight fabrics to thicker upholstery cloths and each is designed to reflect a Shetland origin, either heritage or the natural world. Clients are welcome to visit the studio to browse through the collection.

For clients who want something special, we work with a small team of designers who submit concepts for consideration. Working in this way provides a range of ideas for clients to choose from, resulting in cloths which are unique to the project. These cloths can then be woven in the studio in Yell.

The company also weaves two runs of Limited Editions throws each year, commissioned from both new and established designers. This year, 2017, the throws are created by Ann Sutton to reflect the heather moorland of the islands (pictured left). Please contact us to find out more information.